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Perceptive Communications

Perceptive Communications (PC) is an interpersonal communication skills workshop that emphasizes building openness and trust within organizations.

No basic skill is more important than the ability to relate to and get along with people. Effective communicators are able to communicate with a wide range of people and are therefore more productive. They gain quicker endorsement of their ideas, products, and/or services. They enjoy life more. Good communicators get RESULTS!

Perceptive Communications provides participants with the tools to deal more effectively with others. The seminar emphasizes building TRUST and OPENNESS within organizations.

Unique features of the program are the "How Others See Me" Communication Style and Adaptability profiles. These provide participants with non-threatening personal feedback from five persons who know them well. These five people will be sent a simple adjective checklist via email which they will be asked to complete and return to our office. The five questionnaires are statistically factored and form composite profiles that participants receive during the seminar. Questionnaire respondents' answers are made anonymously; participants receive only the composite.

In addition, participants complete a self-perception survey so that during the seminar they can compare their self perceptions to "others" perceptions.

In the Perceptive Communications seminar participants learn how to:

• Communicate with others based on their own Communication Style and Adaptability profiles
• Understand how their self-perception compares with others' perceptions
• Identify needs and strengths of each communication style
• Adapt to the communication needs of others
• Build trust in interpersonal relationships
• Decrease time and energy spent in interpersonal tension
• Negotiate win/win agreements

The final segment of the seminar, the Negotiating Process, provides participants with practical tools to use the feedback and concepts in their daily work and personal lives.

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