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Analytic Problem Solving

A program in identifying, diagnosing, solving and preventing problems
Analytic Problem Solving (APS) teaches participants how to identify, diagnose, and solve product, process and equipment problems. The typical audience includes supervisors, operators, maintenance, engineering, and key support staff. The basic theory in APS is that the only way to resolve a problem is to remove the root cause. APS gives participants the system and tools to identify that root cause.

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Analytic Problem Solving participants will learn Problem Analysis steps including:

• how to identify a problem
• how to describe a problem
• how to diagnose a problem for root cause
• how to verify root cause before "fixing"
• how to keep problems from recurring

Participants also learn Potential Problem Analysis steps including:

• how to identify potential problems
• how to determine likely causes
• how to plan preventative actions
• how to plan contingent actions

APS is a proven system that enables your organization to:

• Minimize repeat problems
• Improve employees' question asking skills
• Minimize employees' "jumping to cause"
• Improve communication among the workforce (common approach/common language)
• Save time--problems get solved quicker
• Reduce downtime, scrap and rework
• Reduce maintenance costs
• Minimize "expensive overfix"

The course format includes both theory and case studies to teach the APS process. In addition, participants practice using the APS process on their current on-the-job product, process and equipment problems.