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An advanced program in interpersonal relationship skills

Adaptability, a one-day advanced seminar, was designed to meet the concerns of the Perceptive Communications (PC) graduates who expressed needs for a refresher session plus expanded information on adaptability. The first part of the day is devoted to revisiting communication styles, and the rest of the day is devoted to adaptability. However, the session not only reviews the process as taught in PC, but it also addresses four new areas of adaptability. These are:

Negotiability: the degree to which you are perceived as willing to consider change

Accessibility: the degree to which you make yourself available to others

Sending: the degree of clarity and relevance of the messages you communicate to others

Receiving: the degree to which you are perceived as listening to others

As in the Perceptive Communications course, participants email a communication survey to five people who know them well. During the session, participants receive individualized feedback on their overall improved adaptability as well as feedback in each of the above four areas.

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