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Problem Solving/Decision Making

The concepts covered in the Problem Solving/Decision Making seminar were developed from working through real problems and decisions, not out of theory. Working with managers and supervisors over months and years, watching them work, and helping them reconstruct their thinking and questioning processes gradually led to the development of the rationale for efficient handling of information.

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The logical steps a person goes through to successfully find the cause of a problem or to make a good decision were developed and tested. These steps were dictated by the thought process itself and not by the content of the problem or decision. Therefore, these concepts are useful for people in any function and at all levels of the organization, in any organization.

Problem Solving/Decision Making teaches step-by-step processes for problem solving, decision making and planning so that seminar participants have the tools to deal effectively in their cause and effect work environment. The Problem Solving/Decision Making methods have been found useful by thousands of management and non-management employees in manufacturing, service and government organizations in the United States and globally.

Graduates of Problem Solving/Decision Making find they are better equipped to handle their job responsibilities by formal use of the processes (writing information down in organized format), and informal use (better thinking and better questioning on a daily basis). Problem Solving/Decision Making training is an investment that pays off now and in the future.

Problem Solving/Decision Making participants will learn:

 Situation Analysis
• how to organize work
• how to set priorities

Problem Analysis
• how to identify a problem
• how to describe a problem
• how to diagnose a problem for root cause

Decision Making
• how to set and classify objectives
• how to evaluate alternatives
• how to analyze risks

Implementing Plans
• how to build a plan
• how to protect a plan
• how to refine a plan

The instructional format includes a mix of theory, case study and practical application.